May 23, 2015

High Dividend Canadian Stocks


Before you go any further through this high dividend Canadian stock list, I must warn you:


You only get high dividend stocks in this list.


This means that you must be very careful before picking any of those stocks. Chasing high yield only is not the best idea, especially for a dividend investor. You are better off looking for a decent dividend instead of chasing double digit dividend stocks.

Most of the time, high dividend Canadian stocks are hiding other problems. Since there are no free lunches in finance, if a stock pays a high dividend, it’s because the market doesn’t believe in it anymore. Anyone remember Yellow Pages (YLO)?


A quick look at the dividend payout ratio will already give you an indication as to know if the stock can continue to pay such high dividend or not. As you can see, many double digit dividend payers show a 100%+ dividend payout ratio. This should be a big warning on your screen.


Please also note that I have included Canadian Dividend ETFs in this list as I thought it would be interesting for investor to see that some ETFs offer high dividend too.


I suggest you go through this list by looking also at the dividend payout ratio and the 5 year dividend growth. This will give you further indication on the company’s financial health.


High Dividend Canadian Stocks

TickerNamePriceDividend YieldPayout Ratio5 year DVD growth
FZP-UFidelity Partnership 19960.7755.81N/A-14.47729
MKZ-UMackenzie Master LP1.0736.7136.91-17.86368
HEPHorizons Enhanced Income Gold Producers ETF8.3725.77N/AN/A
AFP-UAGF Master LP0.5625.6N/A-26.69145
CIP-UCI Master LP0.3823.680-27.52203
HEEHorizons Enhanced Income Energy ETF7.0922.4N/AN/A
CWXCanWel Building Materials Group Ltd2.0219.8150.68-13.79276
DGI-UData Group Income Fund/The3.4718.741263.7-7.670147
HEXHorizons Enhanced Income Equity ETF7.9317.18N/AN/A
HEFHorizons Enhanced Income Financials ETF8.5616.97N/AN/A
CHR/BChorus Aviation Inc3.9115.3558.640.6595185
MXFCan-Materials Income ETF8.3614.16N/AN/A
OXFCan-Energy Income ETF7.4814.3N/AN/A
SRQ-UScott's Real Estate Investment Trust6.213.71N/A-1.457864
SPBSuperior Plus Corp8.4914.13N/A-7.586697
NFI-UNew Flyer Industries Inc6.3513.54480.74-0.1372823
WFCWall Financial Corp16.5412.09140.4646.14426
CWACoast Wholesale Appliances Inc3.2213.0489.11-19.53411
AIFAltus Group Ltd/Canada4.4313.54760.25-5.053488
FPFP Newspapers Inc4.4313.5469.33-13.35367
EXE-UExtendicare Real Estate Investment Trust7.1111.81130.3133.24467
PBNPetroBakken Energy Ltd6.4214.95369.29N/A
GDIGeneral Donlee Canada Inc2.8111.74189.382.534858
CFXCanfor Pulp Products Inc13.2612.07103.3133.2735
SEQShoreline Energy Corp6.7411.87N/AN/A
SRV-USIR Royalty Income Fund8.511.72100.13-1.625785
JEJust Energy Group Inc10.4811.8329.455.842305
GCLColabor Group Inc9.3811.48147.865.332498
INN-UInnVest Real Estate Investment Trust4.2911.6630.19-14.9581
AMAutomodular Corp1.6312.2N/AN/A
AVFAvenEx Energy Corp4.5511.87N/A-14.86656
RPI-URichards Packaging Income Fund7.111.0790.5-6.870786
VICVicwest Inc9.8910.92198.39-10.41741
LXFCan-60 Income ETF8.2911.29N/AN/A
DAYDaylight Energy Ltd5.2511.43N/A-24.91179
HEA/UHorizons Enhanced Income US Equity USD ETF9.8310.91N/AN/A
TR-UTemple Real Estate Investment Trust4.5610.53N/AN/A
EATPrime Restaurants Inc4.410.91N/A-15.70798
PKIParkland Fuel Corp9.2711216.729.179973
NAENAL Energy Corp7.8910.65480.64-16.96493
SCUSecond Cup Ltd/The5.6610.697.57-9.81459
WEQ-UWesternOne Equity Income Fund5.6610.6N/A56.85084
PVT-UProventure Income Fund1.910.53N/A50.54743
EGL-UEagle Energy Trust9.7210.8N/AN/A
ZWBBMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF13.910.36N/AN/A
DRMedical Facilities Corp10.2510.74N/A0
CSECapstone Infrastructure Corp6.3610.38286.29-7.835335
FRUFreehold Royalties Ltd16.2610.33270.49-5.758942
FMDFuturemed Healthcare Products Corp6.3810.58166.461.593312
BTB-UBTB Real Estate Investment Trust0.810.05N/AN/A
PLT-UParallel Energy Trust8.910.11N/AN/A
TPKTen Peaks Coffee Co Inc2.5410.08N/A-21.39969
RMM-URetrocom Mid-Market Real Estate Investment Trust4.649.7N/A-12.02257
ACQAutoCanada Inc4.319.2827.52-10.0043
NIF-UNoranda Income Fund5.039.9485.12-47.2473
PAR-UPartners Real Estate Investment Trust1.729.3N/AN/A
WBWhistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc10.479.31N/AN/A
CHE-UChemtrade Logistics Income Fund12.589.54105.32-4.782559
CPA-UCapital Power Income LP19.139.2317.45-6.927274
CHWChesswood Group Ltd6.559.15338.95.602629
FXFCan-Financials Income ETF8.619.17N/AN/A
WRK-UWhiterock Real Estate Investment Trust129.35642.720.02497617
BREBrookfield Real Estate Services Inc12.368.93216.093.920219
MPIMetals Plus Income Corp6.369.43N/AN/A
CUSCanexus Corp5.969.184649.17-8.95681
HEJHorizons Enhanced Income International Equity ETF9.969.2N/AN/A
CFL-UCanadian Equipment Rental Fund LP2.659.06214.31-1.205171
STBStudent Transportation Inc6.039.232031.88N/A
PGFPengrowth Energy Corp9.548.81101.01-22.37304
ZARZargon Oil & Gas Ltd13.19.16568.93-7.373828
IBGIBI Group Inc11.789.37200.50.7989928
ECIEnerCare Inc7.48.769675.82-11.16556
ZHYBMO High Yield US Corporate Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF14.458.64N/AN/A
BPF-UBoston Pizza Royalties Income Fund12.988.51735.97-1.624992
AX-UArtis Real Estate Investment Trust12.558.61N/A0.5688408
ERFEnerplus Corp25.768.39302.2-15.41942
PZA-UPizza Pizza Royalty Income Fund8.168.59105.57-1.831343
GHGamehost Inc10.648.2739.53.610277
CHBClaymore Advantaged High Yield Bond ETF18.928.18N/AN/A
EIFExchange Income Corp19.48.35157.765.440496
LWLeisureworld Senior Care Corp10.348.22N/AN/A
PMTPerpetual Energy Inc2.078.7N/A-35.63079
DI-UDundee International Real Estate Investment Trust9.828.150N/A
CLCCML HealthCare Inc9.48.03305.91-2.95721
MSIMorneau Shepell Inc9.78.04211.99-0.1493666
ADNAcadian Timber Corp10.28.0940.913.90241
AAR-UPure Industrial Real Estate Trust3.748.02214.23N/A
KEG-UKeg Royalties Income Fund/The12.27.87104.01-0.893014
IFIFL Investment Foundation Canada Ltd#N/A N/A7.8735.93-0.5531979
FNFirst National Financial Corp15.947.84N/A43.94683
XHYiShares US High Yield Bond Index Fund CAD-Hedged19.47.81N/AN/A
BCINew Look Eyewear Inc7.627.8696.362.895455
SKLSkope Energy Inc97.78N/AN/A
FIE/AClaymore Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF6.277.66N/A-4.364756
HCR-UHomburg Canada Real Estate Investment Trust12.257.76N/AN/A
CTU/ALe Chateau Inc3.918.1890.5324.13289
LIQLiquor Stores N.A. Ltd14.097.67161.790.7793776
FCFirm Capital Mortgage Investment Corp12.487.51001.490887
PBHPremium Brands Holdings Corp15.397.64129.350
SXPSupremex Inc1.617.2739.09-30.98474
CJTCargojet Inc7.257.4545.83-13.94362
MKPMCAN Mortgage Corp14.477.4667.5112.06299
ATPAtlantic Power Corp14.977.31N/A1.155599
SISSavaria Corp1.47.3975.5235.90502
CPGCrescent Point Energy Corp39.117.063284.152.920579
AW-UA&W Revenue Royalties Income Fund19.37.27102.383.904738
WJXWajax Corp33.347.293.61-2.515115
DHDavis & Henderson Corp17.387.13116.09-3.856581
AGF/BAGF Management Ltd15.177.1278.619.730934
CUP/UCaribbean Utilities Co Ltd9.466.98103.90.1024339
CSH-UChartwell Seniors Housing Real Estate Investment Trust7.776.95N/A-12.70109
NWH-UNorthWest Healthcare Properties Real Estate Investment Trust11.397.021694.72N/A
BABell Aliant Inc27.66.88N/A27.91269
D-UDundee Real Estate Investment Trust31.976.87314.590
DCIDirectCash Payments Inc19.936.9289.916.228268
MTAMatrix Asset Management Inc0.87.5214.06-36.90427
IAMIntegrated Asset Management Corp0.736.8508.447177
VNRValener Inc14.516.8983.59-5.111993
TGA-UTransglobe Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust116.821798.32N/A
CRR-UCrombie Real Estate Investment Trust13.066.82202.2616.23352
VSNVeresen Inc14.66.85182.041.291033
PWTPenn West Petroleum Ltd15.726.87303.54-22.88378
NPINorthland Power Inc16.436.57N/A4.76837E-06
OBF-UO'Leary BRIC-Plus Income & Growth Fund8.976.69N/AN/A
IPDInternational Parkside Products Inc0.156.67N/AN/A
SPS/ASportscene Group Inc96.6759.373.71373
TCITarget Capital Inc1.26.67N/AN/A
BNEBonterra Energy Corp45.756.8293.991.20688
BRBig Rock Brewery Inc12.226.55118.67-7.373827
RSIRogers Sugar Inc5.086.6988.88-1.399324
PFHPowerShares Fundamental High Yield Corporate Bond CAD Hedged Index ETF19.016.63N/AN/A
BDTBird Construction Inc9.76.853.4523.25623
CUF-UCominar Real Estate Investment Trust21.516.69237.323.303777
OLYOlympia Financial Group Inc406.54N/A89.59776
GNVGenivar Inc21.776.89120.3442.23863
PLCPark Lawn Corp76.46N/AN/A
ADAlaris Royalty Corp15.856.44126.46N/A
PMPrism Medical Ltd4.736.3835.13N/A
CWP/AComwest Enterprise Corp1.256.4N/AN/A
LNVLongview Oil Corp9.396.39N/AN/A
GEIGibson Energy Inc17.86.29N/AN/A
PVEProvident Energy Ltd8.556.32185.06-16.48612
INEInnergex Renewable Energy Inc9.416.16N/AN/A
ENFEnbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc18.166.34316.674.672659
AFNAG Growth International Inc38.276.2774.274.192924
BNPBonavista Energy Corp23.536.12125.16-16.99851
MRT-UMorguard Real Estate Investment Trust14.556.19176.330
PPLPembina Pipeline Corp25.726.07136.666.709136
TMATrimac Transportation Ltd4.136.05143.14-19.40351
XTRiShares Diversified Monthly Income Fund Unit11.886.06N/A-4.258134
GWOGreat-West Lifeco Inc20.635.9670.376.506015
IPL-UInter Pipeline Fund16.245.9199.084.022141
CWT-UCalloway Real Estate Investment Trust25.656.041425.691.258973
CFN-UCarfinco Income Fund6.025.9868.994.489298
UVIUnilens Vision Inc2.995.96N/A-1.04251
PMZ-UPrimaris Retail Real Estate Investment Trust20.465.96123.091.352397
TS/BTorstar Corp8.126.1648.04-10.08099
KBLK-Bro Linen Inc18.755.8798.990.2290131
PBLPollard Banknote Ltd26216.59-33.89186
COSCanadian Oil Sands Ltd20.675.81101.135.387394
SLFSun Life Financial Inc25.15.7450.945.438701
XUTiShares S&P/TSX Capped Utilities Index Fund20.945.79N/AN/A
CSSContrans Group Inc6.95.846.04-24.6324
BEK/BBecker Milk Co Ltd10.55.7190.33-12.94494
ZREBMO Equal Weight REITs Index ETF17.475.7N/AN/A
HAFHorizons Tactical Bond ETF7.955.66N/AN/A
RUSRussel Metals Inc20.955.7385.65-4.013141
ARGAmerigo Resources Ltd0.715.630-25.97857
PYCPrimary Corp5.775.630N/A
PWFPower Financial Corp25.535.4866.647.725903
TCNTricon Capital Group Inc4.195.73N/AN/A
CTYCalian Technologies Ltd185.5647.8724.06565
BTEBaytex Energy Corp43.85.48137.022.656945
ZEFBMO Emerging Markets Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF15.795.47N/AN/A
CSFCash Store Financial Services Inc/The8.615.5739.47N/A
AP-UAllied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust23.455.63284.771.867842
IDGIndigo Books & Music Inc7.795.6596.49N/A
BADBadger Daylighting Ltd18.55.5173.37-2.263696
XHBiShares DEX HYBrid Bond Index Fund20.445.48N/AN/A
ARXARC Resources Ltd22.665.3120.21-12.94494
BCEBCE Inc38.885.3262.457.050124
KMPKillam Properties Inc10.585.48N/AN/A
NPR-UNorthern Property Real Estate Investment Trust28.35.4157.543.273628
VETVermilion Energy Inc44.035.18170.542.249444
REI-URioCan Real Estate Investment Trust25.795.35112.211.357964
CVDClaymore Advantaged Convertible Bond ETF19.15.34N/AN/A
GMPGMP Capital Inc7.415.478.53-27.48788
HSEHusky Energy Inc23.325.1586.961.299138
MBTManitoba Telecom Services Inc32.765.19136.43-8.146625
ACCAmica Mature Lifestyles Inc7.255.2453.3546.29011
CXFCanadian Convertible Liquid Universe ETF9.555.24N/AN/A
CSDClaymore Advantaged Short Duration High Income ETF19.065.23N/AN/A
FSZFiera Sceptre Inc6.155.2143.16-2.472192
POWPower Corp of Canada22.95.0761.329.630165
ZUTBMO Equal Weight Utilities Index ETF16.045.16N/AN/A
MICGenworth MI Canada Inc20.195.1529.98N/A
RET/AReitmans Canada Ltd15.495.1659.858.997699
AERGroupe Aeroplan Inc11.825.08N/A-5.0375
ZMIBMO Monthly Income ETF14.775.12N/AN/A
ZXDBMO 2025 Corporate Bond Target Maturity ETF15.665.13N/AN/A
CAR-UCanadian Apartment Properties REIT21.195.1149.940
TATransAlta Corp23.135.02146.333.012896
WTE-UWestshore Terminals Investment Corp22.485.18155.840.5966005
MTLMullen Group Ltd18.865.350.2-12.9946
AAHAastra Technologies Ltd14.985.3446.74N/A
PHXPHX Energy Services Corp9.385.1271.55-7.268215
ZLCBMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETF16.75.03N/AN/A
PLZPlazacorp Retail Properties Ltd4.25545.6210.96353
XREiShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index Fund14.725.08N/A-0.4816185
NWCNorth West Co Inc/The19.015.0591.599.316411
IGMIGM Financial Inc44.34.8573.996.955884
PPSPowerShares Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF19.155.02N/AN/A
CMCanadian Imperial Bank of Commerce/Canada73.554.959.134.92515
BRC-UBrookfield Renewable Power Fund25.815.04391.071.027416
CPXCapital Power Corp25.784.89254.16N/A
AQNAlgonquin Power & Utilities Corp5.664.95115.92-22.31939
HR-UH&R Real Estate Investment Trust21.224.9559.19-6.861565
BOX-UBrookfield Office Properties Canada22.354.8320.68N/A
CGXCineplex Inc26.344.9113.042.052166
ZCMBMO Mid Corporate Bond Index ETF15.564.86N/AN/A
ZXCBMO 2020 Corporate Bond Target Maturity ETF15.524.87N/AN/A
ALAAltaGas Ltd27.624.7855.68-7.648854
CHL/ACanadian Helicopters Group Inc22.07551.53-1.932434
CPDClaymore S&P/TSX CDN Preferred Share ETF17.094.84N/AN/A
BMOBank of Montreal58.944.7558.755.622314
CVLCervus Equipment Corp14.74.957.817.280807
WFIWaterFurnace Renewable Energy Inc184.8277.411.68005
FCRFirst Capital Realty Inc16.754.78309.080.9648101
MOB-UGT Canada Medical Properties Real Estate Investment Trust1.394.4N/AN/A
MCSMcchip Resources2.14.76N/A-6.508012
HPRHorizons AlphaPro Preferred Share ETF10.024.71N/AN/A
EHeasyhome Ltd7.254.6951.919.096609
TCL/ATranscontinental Inc11.064.8820.3315.34452
CLKClubLink Enterprises Ltd6.434.6770.884.563957
GDSGendis Inc2.164.440N/A
CBOClaymore 1-5 Year Laddered Corporate Bond ETF20.494.6N/AN/A
PFBPFB Corp5.254.5784.470
JFCJaguar Financial Corp0.0455.560N/A
RYRoyal Bank of Canada48.414.4657.268.447179
CYHClaymore Global Monthly Advantaged Dividend ETF14.14.51N/AN/A
ZXBBMO 2015 Corporate Bond Target Maturity ETF15.184.51N/AN/A
CJR/BCorus Entertainment Inc19.954.3638.2326.64613
HEQHOMEQ Corp6.264.473261.43-23.44709
CLFClaymore 1-5 Year Laddered Government Bond ETF20.384.45N/AN/A
ACDAccord Financial Corp6.754.4431.919.565425
PSBPowerShares 1-5 Year Laddered Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index ETF20.244.44N/AN/A
MFCManulife Financial Corp12.34.23N/A-5.083892
CIXCI Financial Corp20.684.3574.14-5.427628
TRIThomson Reuters Corp28.744.45106.624.262191
XSTiShares S&P/TSX Capped Consumer Staples Index Fund20.194.43N/AN/A
CEUCanadian Energy Services & Technology Corp10.534.5653.4718.94608
NDNNordion Inc9.254.33N/A17.91828
SJR/BShaw Communications Inc20.944.3969.8529.77435
TFITransForce Inc10.434.4136.44-22.38184
XCBiShares DEX All Corporate Bond Index Fund21.014.33N/AN/A
PNGPacific Northern Gas Ltd27.894.360.8555.18456
XPFiShares S&P/TSX North American Preferred Stock Index Fund19.154.29N/AN/A
IIP-UInterRent Real Estate Investment Trust2.64.62N/AN/A
TTELUS Corp51.814.2562.0914.34289
BYD-UBoyd Group Income Fund9.64.3829.0128.11898
KEYKeyera Corp45.64.2198.255.838304
EMAEmera Inc32.344.1769.077.872482
XIGiShares US IG Corporate Bond Index Fund CAD-Hedged21.434.11N/AN/A
XEBiShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond Index Fund CAD-Hedged19.984.07N/AN/A
ZCSBMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF154.08N/AN/A
NANational Bank of Canada69.914.0641.46.929834
HABHorizons AlphaPro Corporate Bond ETF10.434.07N/AN/A
ZPSBMO Short Provincial Bond Index ETF15.024.07N/AN/A
ADW/AAndrew Peller Ltd9.01443.128.997701
CASCascades Inc3.864.1588.890
RCI/BRogers Communications Inc35.394.0148.379.17512
REF-UCanadian Real Estate Investment Trust35.34.0859.092.025383
XLBiShares DEX Long Term Bond Index Fund22.24N/AN/A
PGLPowerShares Ultra DLUX Long Term Government Bond Index ETF21.424.03N/AN/A
BDIBlack Diamond Group Ltd13.944.0992.48151.8639
CFCanaccord Financial Inc9.984.0119.581.613739
HNLHorizon North Logistics Inc3.994.010N/A


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